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CIMS - reviewing client incidents

This training program focuses on client incident reviews. It explores the two types of incident reviews described in the 'Client incident management guide': case review and root cause analysis review (RCA). This session has a focus on undertaking a case review.

Registration for training programs is subject to availability and approval by the department.


When participants complete this training program, they will have an understanding of:

  • the purpose of client incident reviews
  • how to determine whether to conduct a client incident review, and roles and responsibilities in the review process
  • best practice in reviewing client incidents
  • the two different types of client incident reviews in CIMS: case review and root cause analysis review (RCA)
  • the process and requirements for conducting a case review
  • a summary of the RCA process and methodology
  • how to decide when an RCA is required instead of a case review.

Participants should be aware that the ‘Reviewing client incidents’ training program will primarily focus on how to undertake a case review, while providing an overview of RCAs.

Targeted classroom-based training on RCAs, separate of this training program, will also be provided.

Prior to attending this program it is highly recommended that participants complete the CIMS self-paced learning modules available at